Cyber Terrorism

What is Cyber Terrorism

We can easily obtain information on the Internet and TV news in modern society
. However, personal information is protected by the right to privacy by law.
However, the disclosure of information contrary to law or personal information being leaked is happening.
Such crimes are called cyber terrorism.
The world cyber-terrorism began spread throughout Occurred from the 2000s the Internet.
In addition, (including accident innocent) information leakage caused by cyber terrorism incident became public in Japan, the Personal Information Protection Law from being enforced.
By the way, is the "Law on the Protection of Personal Information", which was passed in 2003 and the Personal Information Protection Act.

Measures we can do

Measures of information leakage, you must be careful when you use the e-mail newsletter campaign site surveys and Web site.
For this kind of site, a lot of people have registered your personal information, it is likely to be the target of cyber-terrorism.
That the input of the items that are unwanted and therefore refrain, and you should check that whether there is a need to share personal information with affiliates also. You must also pay attention to the attachment with a virus that is attached to spam others.
Spam e-mail is that the ads that are transmitted to the user of an unspecified number, there is a risk that steal your personal information without you know or are infected with this virus.

Cyber Terrorism - past cases

Large case that happened in the past is the e-mail newsletter Tobu incident 2004 incident and in the beauty salon TBC tick test that occurred in 2002.
TBC is the case of leakage of personal information, personal information of about 50,000 was to be viewed on the web site at the site of aesthetic "TBC".
Leaked personal information leakage is that such as those suffering contents or three sizes, of the body of the questionnaire, which was conducted at the site and the name, address, phone number, occupation, has been described in detail.
In addition, it was the Major incident that receives the secondary damage based on public information.
30,000 yen per person of the victim has been paid by the incident.
Personal information of 130,000 members was leaked in the case of e-mail newsletter Tobu Railway.
This incident proved to fictitious claim for postal arrived addressed to individual members of the leaked.
As the cause, evidence that access to the server for the purpose of other than the normal business of the company entrusted with ID is confirmed.


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