About DNS

What is DNS

DNS is a mechanism for converting the IP address and domain name described in "About the IP address" stands for Domain Name System.

Why do we need the DNS?

Some people might think that if you know the IP address, but you can access the Web server. "Why do we need DNS?"
There are several reasons, human is hard to understand that IP addresses.
Or change the provider and or change the server, we only need to change the IP address for the domain name that is registered with the DNS server if the IP address has changed as well to others.
If the IP address is performed only the communication, you will get further troublesome, such as the IP address of the destination notifies the user.

Inquiry procedure

Hundreds of millions of computers that are connected to the Internet since the communication is performed, DNS servers to distribute the load so, these are processing several distributed servers.
If you have access to the PC from the house, if you are, I will use the DNS server provided by your provider that contract. Also, if you are accessing from school, I would use a DNS server that is installed in the school.
Query the DNS server in turn to these institutions with more than a certain scale, such as schools and providers was established, examine the IP address.


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