F5 attack

What is F5 attack?

F5 attack is a type of cyber attacks intensive Web server that exploits the reload function of the browser, has delivered a specific Web site, so that you can not work properly, he will not be able to view the Web site.

Attack principle

When you view a Web site, are taking steps (software you are using when you see the Web site) the browser receives the Web page from the Web server html files that display and interpret its content. Web server will send an html file in the browser at this time of the Web site, take a minute to do that a little load. Since I must deliver a lot of html files if you have a lot of access, load many times than sending a html file on one computer.

Load on the server

In short, it is that it takes a lot of load to be delivered a lot of html files to Web server. In addition, the browser so that the re-receive the html file (called a reload) or when you update to the latest contents Web page that displays once and reloading from Web server, he will repeat the reload, the Web server will be to deliver a lot of html files, the higher the load on the Web server.

If you overload

They slow down the display of the Web site so take some time to deliver the html and load. In addition, Web page is displayed at all, I can not keep it you will not be able to deliver the html file Web server is down.

The origin of the name

This reload feature, the reload button on your browser (whether official name is not known) also operate by pressing the F5 key not only to click. You can repeat the reload by tapping the F5 key or long press for it. It is therefore referred to as F5 attack. If more than one person, such as that carried out by repeated intentionally to reload, the server may down load increase. If you are accused of forcible obstruction of business (computer turns off the movement of the parts that or become funny behavior of the program or becomes strange load, amount of heat generated by computer will be enormous) If you do F5 attack actually have. Don’t do so absolutely devoid of a moral act in front of law.

F5 Attack - past cases


Cyberterrorism incident to the 2 channel by Korean To channel 2 electronic bulletin board Japanese, cyber attacks that combines program and attacks F5 attack tens of thousands in the hundreds of thousands is carried out by our Internet users and seen Korean made ??on March 1, 2010 underneath. Some server data is stored becomes faulty server can not be read channel 2 is also down thereby. Out damage to other servers in the United States PIE Inc. that manages the server channel 2 is run, the damage came to the server, such as agencies of the U.S. government also important. Was \ 200 million to about 20 million Japanese yen amount of damage.


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