Illegal downloading

What is Illegal downloading?

The cracks that means to illegally download games and music. You can easily anyone even know how, to get free of that act of paying money to buy things, unfortunately I am originally it become the crime of course. As well as "remodeling Mario" and "Pokemon remodeling" see, because they are part of the information obtained by modifying some of the original game well, it is equivalent to cracking. However, in most cases, that would of been ignored without getting caught by the police is also it's a reality. It is said that the very act of cracking is from the 1970s, the existence of a "crack" Tomonai became known to the spread of the Internet and personal computers and the 1990s. Is a term that came from the software called "Warez" "cracking" is. You need to remove the limit function pay user fees to do and purchase of paid software on the net, I am would be able to masquerade as a state in which the pay to remove the restrictions illegally by Warez. The following is a typical example.

・Serial number (serial number)
Is not limited to computer software, predetermined number is attached to each item, so as to prevent forgery or the like. Japan also fall into this bill, it is called a serial number. You may want to take advantage of the fact that this number is based on certain rules, to obtain goods fraudulently obtain a number.

・Remodeling of the program
Would be to obtain the software without paying for here also, is that it is modified to direct the program to limit before you enter the serial number, I lost my security.

・Home-use game machine
Differences, such as Nintendo and Sony, not the software, such as on the net are selling, and until this is is that the so-called home-use game machine. To obtain the data of game software, it is necessary to use (such as carts) that supports various special machines. Machine these, but I had to be present in order to backup the original, duplicating the data in between the person who does the "cracking" some day, I has it oak and utensils crime in order to save.

Illegal download is a criminal act

A method for the "cracks" in addition to this there are many. In fact, cases such as file upload the game Got to do a "cracking", he said "! Free play" the game is supposed to buy as CD came out. We should be careful, I is to prevent that would like this sweet ride in the solicitation from lack of knowledge about the Internet. Those who do not know if this would obediently download the "crack", if it is it become the respectable criminals even if not noticed your identity. With the right knowledge, when you use the Internet, you should go to the judge correctly.