IP address

IP address

 IP address is a number to specify the computer or mobile phone equipment, such as a server that resides on a computer network with the IP address.
 Although there is little to be aware of everyday, IP address is also used to display the Web site now. Because, to view the Web site, you need to specify where on the Internet Do you have a Web server from a PC, because we do not If you do not specify a computer that delivers Web server html files as well.

You really can access IP address?

You can connect to the device if you specify whether to connect to the IP address of what number, if it will be able to access from the external equipment is present. I'd like to do this in practice.We will want to try to access the IP address "Google.co.jp" will always know if people are using the Internet.
Let's try to access the web server is the IP address of "Google.co.jp" to "".

 I want to make sure that it does not change in any way when they are accessed using the URL page and normally accessed by IP address.www.google.co.jp
 Normally I do not like this, you can either access the WEB site in the IP address.

The reason for the number specified in the instrument

 IP address exists approximately 4,300,000,000. Address that you can use is a little more actually, the machine is connected to the Internet in the hundreds of millions. On the Internet we are relaying communication when the router machine that sends data from the server browser.
 You can allocate the device connected to the Internet a number, so you can specify the destination when the router is to specify the destination "from what number, if what number here" to the Fu that, and do not in some hundreds of millions I am able to choose from among the devices efficiently wax on the Internet.

Why you know the culprit from the IP address

 The police can also catch a criminal Gyona~tsu cyber crime on the Internet have not seen anyone. Why?
Such as a Web server, logging to keep track of information such as the IP address of the connecting TV. Web server on the server side, it is possible to know the IP address for notifying our own IP address, so always required when asked to send the data.
 That said there are a lot how this IP address, the number, it does not have the same IP address assigned to multiple devices absolutely. Postal been so that they no longer have the same address the next is assigned to more than one home, because I can no longer transmit data.
 Because IP addresses are managed so as not to overlap, it is possible to identify the perpetrator or knowing who was using when the IP address. In addition, it identified more than an organization that manages the IP address exists are there possible.
 IP addresses are managed by an organization called ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). IP address of us, APNIC to manage the region Pacific Ocean Asia under its management JPNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre), under its management (Japan Network Information Center, Japan Network Information Center) is ISP (each I have been using borrowed from the ISP, what was allocated to Internet Service Provider).
It is that of the organization that provides the connection to the Internet and our ISP is called in Japanese operators and Internet connection.
 Because information can be from what number of what number IP address that has been allocated where the ISP is anyone know, if you contact the provider, and I know which subscribers Did you use the IP address to that time .
 This information is personal information, such as if the institution of police, you can know.

Why you do not know even know the IP address criminal

 In some cases, a criminal case can not be identified as virus remote operation that took place in 2012. Why?
 In the IP address assigned to the device on the Internet that have been connected to that server, IP addresses remain in the log, such as a Web server, it does not know the exact access is whether was done really.
 On the Internet, there is a thing called an open proxy, by receiving data using these, request access to the server to open proxy, sent from the Web server from the open proxy, the log of the Web server from the open proxy not only left a record that had access, I need not tell the Web server for the IP address of their own.
 Other, also that the real culprit is, as I did in the incident virus remote control just to access the Internet through a computer that performs the hacking into computers of others, we live in without the knowledge of the access destination IP addresses of their .
 Also, you can hide IP address by using the technology Tor was used to remotely control the computer criminal incidents virus remote control has made hacking (Tor, The Onion Router) that.
 In addition, it becomes difficult to make the law enforcement agencies of the Japanese investigation is through a foreign server etc..


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