Media literacy


 Now that the Internet has become very familiar with what is a great deal of information is full around us.
 More than 100 million Web pages come out even in the web search the word "security" for example.
More than 100 million Web pages come out even in the web search the word "security" for example. You will not even be said to be or not to take advantage of the vast amounts of information like that sometimes, would have been fooled.
 In order to protect themselves from the information.

And media literacy

Will I know the term media literacy. Is the ability to determine information from various information media, the Internet and television, books, magazines and other so-called, whether it can be trusted, and take advantage of it to sift through (media literacy) media literacy. I believe this is important in order to be properly understood from among such a small media literacy, to understand information to protect themselves from.
 It is not a story that would otherwise limited to the Internet, I want to pick up at the center for information on the Internet.
 First, assuming that there is some sort of bias, not be fooled by the fact one thing, the information that is outgoing and you want to compare various sites. Over the internet are sometimes would collect only information that applies to their own expectations and forecast had been carelessly from the original. That's why I want to try to gather unbiased information.
 The Web pages are often those that can be updated in five or six years ago stopped also. Depending on what I want to be careful because there is a possibility that different from the current one.
 Corporate site is higher than the creditworthiness of the individual site.

Domain nameWhat authority do you use a domain name Primary and secondary educational institutions, such as small, medium, and high-kindergartens and nursery schools Corporations, schools, academic institutions of higher education such as universities Organization of the Japanese government, such as an independent administrative institution Foundation, Institute, and also non-profit corporation, public institutions, such as international missions in Japan of foreign government agencies and the United Nations International Municipal (Such as civic groups, neighborhood associations and volunteer reunion) voluntary organization with no legal personality Organizational profit corporation (such as Co., Ltd.)

Past cases - lack of media literacy has been invited

Eat fake log problem

put a lot of out of a maximum of 5 as consideration must pay a monetary assessment faking disguised as a review by the supplier that exploit that in "Berogu food" gourmet sites "," is operated by the user can freely post contractors ( I have discovered that, etc.) has been performed.

Cora Konjac field problem of malicious

 People who believe in it, such as widespread in SNS "twitter" it (Cora) is arbitrarily malicious image processing package Mizugashi gelatinous "Mannan Life Co., Ltd." that field "konnyaku" have been sold problem were many.


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