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You can learn danger of the Internet and it's resolution in this web site.
We have posted various things. For example, a computer virus, cyber-terrorism and mechanism of the Internet.
Further, in order to determine the risk of attack, such as F5, and wireless LAN, provide their own environment, we have conducted experiments hacking.
Risk and there are various security issues is now. For example, it is different to anything artificial, such as into criminal charges downloading files illegally the issue of encryption method used by the wireless LAN as WEP, was the cause of such attacks and government sites in Japan by anonymous, from technical stuff.
To protect themselves from these dangers, we need to learn much about security. For this reason I have tried to incorporate diagrams and illustrations alive the characteristics of the medium of the WEB, WEB site will also make it easier to understand teenagers.
It is fortunate through this site, you get to learn and the dangers of the Internet, how to protect themselves to the user.


This is forThe 15th Think Quest


This is our computer club's web page.


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