Social Engineering

Social engineering

 Social engineering is And social engineering to trick people to get more information, such as getting information or personal e-mail address and address, ID, password, and phone number of the person deceived partner e-mail or phone, or SNS, etc. without hacking it is to.

Actual modus operandi

 Or on a phone call and e-mail address I want you to tell me Upon prize, I will send the goods, we get someone's name and the address of the other party. Disguise and software to distribute fake security software, to clean the virus transmitted to the user of the software to check the results of the virus lies, you will need to install spyware and viruses. (Called trashing) to scavenge the trash, steal the information necessary to cracking from there. To analyze the preferences and interests of its people from such tweets in SNS, to guess the answer to your secret question and password from there. If you have any such thing.

* Will be available by entering the ID and password are various services on the internet ... to take over the account. I say that stealing ID and password So, if the original is not available to users of that changing.

Social engineering - past cases

iCloud hack case

 Writer (blog media. Dealing and related topics IT) Gizmodo is taking over the account such as Gmail, Amazon, Twitter, iCloud (cloud services Apple) by social engineering, real name, phone number, address and credit card number I've been known to hackers. This is mainly due to inefficiency of the Amazon and telephone support Apple. Apple and Amazon have made changes to the security subject to this incident.

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