Security of Wireless LAN

What is Wireless LAN

And wireless LAN uses radio waves, it is one of the mechanisms to send and receive data in electronic devices and game consoles such as PCs and smartphones. Will not many people have seen this site your computer or smartphone by using a wireless LAN now. Various places such as stores and companies house, it has been used in the scene for the room can also be used in the room has been drawn away from the internet, without the need for any cable, which is very convenient.

The wireless LAN can be intercepted

The wireless LAN communicate using radio waves. It can also be used in a remote location, there is also the fact that you are able to intercept the radio waves, even from a distance it's hard to understand also. Sense can be described as similar to those that call on your cordless phone to eavesdrop on a commercial radio and the possible.
 You will be able to intercept if there is a software special cordless handset wireless LAN that can be Rather, if anything, we need equipment special something to intercept, to receive radio waves of the same wireless LAN, and personal computers. Software can be obtained on the Internet. Although it is a little hard for you to use, so you can also be used in a junior high school extracurricular activities As mentioned in another page, he does not mean terribly much.


If anyone intercepts, the communication content will not be seen because LAN wireless communication usually communications to encrypt.
You must enter the password when you connect your computer to the wireless LAN in this way.
We encrypt the communication in wireless LAN by using this password (It is called password, pre-shared key, and a variety of security keys, etc.).
The mechanism for the safety of the system, such as security and encryption used in wireless LAN, there is something like that shown in the following diagram.

Communication standardsIEEE 802.11bIEEE 802.11gIEEE 802.11aIEEE 802.11n
Security standardsWEPWAPWAP2
Authentication methodWEPPreshared KeyCertificate Authentication
Encryption schemeWEPTKIPAES

It must spend high-performance computers and a huge amount of time after analyzed the encrypted communication, in order to know the password used for encryption, stealing a glance of contents of communication.
Rather, as this happens are made.
However, that WEP encryption in this table, by the method can be analyzed in ten second.
When is connected to the wireless LAN, automatically WEP key is parsed, it is less secure encryption.
Using encryption WEP cannot be estimated.
Now, you can use the wireless LAN security safely by using a combination of AES encryption and WPA2.

Past cases Unauthorized use of wireless LAN

Arrest of the university official who used others' wireless LAN by plagiarism and performed cracking.

Private university in Tokyo staff that made the unauthorized access to the server at the University who worked has been arrested.
In a car that was parked on the street, staff have made unauthorized access  to the server of the University, and connected to the Internet using the wireless LAN of others without permission.
WEP key in this case has not been analyze, the security did not take anything
In this case, there is a possibility that human remains recorded which is installing a wireless LAN access point, would have been Stumble into crime.


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